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"The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear ..."


Syobon Action "4"

Inspired by the famous "Syobon Action" games (and friends ) I decided to make my own interpretation of this wonderfull jump and run game.

"Syobon Action hates you. You will find this out the hard way: every jump, platform, mushroom, pipe... even the cloud in the background is out there to kill you. In time, you will hate Syobon Action." (PlayThisThing)

Programming language: C# with MonoGame
Developers: 1
Release: Rolling Release

Note: This is work in progress!

Bugtracker Mantis

See the forum for release notifications!

MonoGame version
Alpha-Version of the game (Windows 7 - 8.1): Click
This is a auto-updater. Unzip this to the destination folder for Syobon. Select the update channel and let the Updater download the files.

-DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010)

XNA version (No longer supported!)
Alpha-Version of the game (Windows XP - 7): Click
Level-Editor: http://www.onwebo.de/syobon/update/LevelEditor.zip

Game menu:

Settings menu - full Gamepad support:

Tutorial level:

Advanced particle engine with smoke, fire and explosion effects:

Multiplayer(including online leaderboard):

The level editor: