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"The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear ..."


HowTo: LevelEditor: Enemies

Table of content:

To sum up: this part explains enemies ...

The enemies have the following properties

Name: Set the name of the enemey to make it easier to identify
Killable: Set to make the enemy killable when jumping on it
Visible: If true, the enemy will be visible, either not
FaceDirection: Set the direction of the enemy. Left direction: enemy moves leftwards, Right
direction: enemy moves rightwards. When the enemy hits a wall, the FaceDirection will be inverted.
MoveSpeed: Set the speed of the enemy (x-axis)
NotOnGround: Set this to change the internal collision control -> true: enemy will "fly", false: enemy's collision control will behave normally
MoveSpeed_Y: Set the speed of the enemy (y-axis). You have to set EndPosY and StartPosY and NotOnGround = true to make this working
EndPosY: When MoveSpeed_Y is set, this value marks the upper grid row to which the enemy will fly
StartPosY: When MoveSpeed_Y is set, this value marks the lower grid row to which the enemy will fly

Note: EndPosY < StartPosY !

MaxWaitTime: Set the timespan, the enemy will wait to invert its FaceDirection after hitting a wall
FollowsGravity: Set to change the collision control of the enemy. If true it won't invert its FaceDirection on an abyss and will also fall down when flying around.





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